Cat Ba National Park: Exciting trekking route, discovering fanciful nature

Cat Ba National Park with a rich flora and fauna ecosystem and beautiful natural scenery will bring you many interesting experiences when coming here. 

Find your way to Cat Ba National Park

When traveling to Cat Ba - Hai Phong, most tourists are interested in the picturesque beaches or the extremely famous Lan Ha Bay. But after hours of immersing in the sea, do you want to be in the cool space of the forest, find the original and poetic nature? 


Cat Ba National ParkCat Ba National Park is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Cat Ba. Photo: whatsupvietnam

If you want, come to Cat Ba National Park located in the northwest of Cat Ba town. From the town center to here is about more than 10 km, the road is quite easy and convenient. This national park located on Cat Ba island is the meeting place and harmony between the mountains and the sea, bringing a vast and majestic beauty. 

Cat Ba National ParkThe wild and majestic beauty of Cat Ba National Park. Photo: 007_yvonne

If you have a trip to Hai Phong and come to Cat Ba, you definitely have to take the time to check in this place. A beautiful picture of nature and many interesting experiences are waiting for you. Whether coming here for trekking or taking some virtual photos, it is also a memorable memory in your journey to visit Cat Ba.

What's attractive about Cat Ba National Park?

Besides the ravishing Lan Ha Bay, the national park on Cat Ba Island also promises to bring many interesting things to visitors. With a total area of ??up to 15,200 hectares and an ideal natural environment, suitable for many types of flora and fauna, Cat Ba National Park has been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. 

Cat Ba National ParkThis national park has become a world biosphere reserve. Photo: Cat Ba National Park

Coming here, you will discover and learn a lot of different ecosystems in the same garden. These are forest ecosystems on limestone mountains, mangrove ecosystems and marine forest ecosystems along with coral reefs. You will probably spend all day wandering this place, learning to the fullest the richness of nature. 

Cat Ba National ParkYou will have a memorable journey to discover Cat Ba National Park. Photo: gooszaaaa

Because of the diverse terrain and ecosystem, this national park has been planned into many different sightseeing routes. Therefore, this national park is the destination in Cat Ba that every visitor wants to check in once. Depending on your interests and travel schedule, you can choose to explore the most suitable places introduced below. 

Highlights in Cat Ba National Park 

Cat Ba flower valley is romantic and sweet 

For those who love flowers and plants, like to take photos of virtual life, the flower valley located at the gate of Cat Ba National Park is a great stop. This flower valley has planted many different flowers, which is planned into a spacious and colorful garden, serving the needs of visitors to visit and take pictures.

Cat Ba National ParkThe beauty of Cat Ba flower valley. Photo: FB Cat Ba Flower Valley

The first time you come to the flower garden, you will admire the green and fresh nature picture, breathe in the clear and peaceful atmosphere. There are many beautiful flowers blooming here. Which is the fragile butterfly, which is the lovely rose. Which is the bright yellow color of sunflower gardens or the original beauty of buckwheat flowers, yellow mustard flowers, etc.

Cat Ba National ParkEach season of the year, this flower valley will have different flowers. Photo: FB Cat Ba Flower Valley

Each season of the year, Cat Ba flower valley will flexibly change, planting flowers suitable for the weather. Therefore, visitors will have the opportunity to admire many beautiful flowers when checking in to Cat Ba National Park . 

Explore the forest ecosystem

Young people who love nature and want to conquer the mountains and forests, must definitely make a trekking trip to explore the forest ecosystem when coming to Cat Ba. During the journey through the forest, visitors will be able to see with their own eyes the rare flora and fauna resources here. 

Cat Ba National ParkTrekking to discover Cat Ba National Park is something that you should experience. Photo:bianconero24

Trekking through the forest has never been a gentle and easy activity in Cat Ba National Park. You will have to pass through forests with dense woody trees, interlaced vines and steep rocky slopes. But in return, you will admire the beauty along the way, encounter the rich and strange flora and fauna in the forest. 

Cat Ba National ParkForeign tourists love to check in Cat Ba National Park. Photo: aitdrakhalid

In particular, when exploring the forest biota, visitors can also learn about the Kim Giao forest. This is the place of growth and development of a rare tree named Kim Giao. This tree has beautiful, precious wood and especially when touching something poisonous, the wood on the tree will turn black. 

Explore the mangrove ecosystem 

When it comes to mangroves, most people think of the forest ecosystem in the delta, especially in the areas of Ca Mau and Kien Giang. However, there are mangrove forests in Cat Ba National Park. This is the only mountain mangrove forest in our country, called Frog Lake. 

Cat Ba National ParkThe wild beauty of Frog Lake in Cat Ba National Park. Photo: spki.xc

Frog Lake has a very peaceful, wild and somewhat magical beauty. With an altitude of 80 meters above sea level, Frog Lake is located in the middle of the mountain, possessing a beautiful and poetic landscape. Pond water is clear, clean and bottom can be seen. 

Cat Ba National ParkA bit of a ghost in Cat Ba National Park. Photo: Vntrip

Frog Lake is about 3.2 hectares wide and changes in size with the seasons. The lake bed usually narrows in the dry season and widens in the rainy season. The interesting thing is that the lake has only a depth of 50 - 60 cm, inside there are many large trees, up to 10 meters high, with large trunks and rough bark, often growing in clusters. 

Thanks to being located in the middle of the forest and being strictly protected, Frog Lake keeps its wild beauty. This place becomes a destination not to be missed when you visit Cat Ba National Park. 

Explore the marine ecosystem

Called a national park, there is also a marine ecosystem, giving you a lot of fun and interesting activities. How can you miss the opportunity to explore and admire the beauty of Van Boi, Van Ta, Tra Bau, Viet Hai bays... You can experience kayaking, coral diving, fishing or swimming. 

Cat Ba National ParkIn addition to the forest ecosystem, in Cat Ba National Park there is also a marine ecosystem. Photo: Mytour

In particular, visitors can also experience coral reef diving, admire the colorful coral reefs under the ocean. In addition, Cat Ba National Park also designs many attractive sports tourism activities so that you, your relatives and friends can have the most fun. 

Note when coming to Cat Ba National Park 

According to the experience of discovering Cat Ba National Park of many tourists, you should spend a whole day to learn about this place. Because here is planned into many different tourist routes and the time to explore each route is also quite long. 

 Cat Ba National ParkWhen visiting Cat Ba National Park, you should choose active and comfortable clothes. Photo: trover

The journey to conquer this national park requires you to have a good physical condition. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for a full health. For those who are trekking in the forest, you need to bring drinking water, cakes or snacks in case you feel hungry in the middle of the way. 

 Cat Ba National ParkYou should choose a sightseeing route that suits your health and Cat Ba travel plan. Photo: trover

In particular, you need to bring insect repellent creams when going in the rainy season. With clothes, you should choose simple, lightweight clothes. Ideally, you should wear a T-shirt, long pants and sports shoes to avoid mosquitoes. 
In addition, do not forget to bring a nice small backpack to hold your phone, camera and miscellaneous belongings when exploring Cat Ba National Park. 

Currently, Cat Ba National Park has 4 main sightseeing routes. Depending on your preferences, you choose a route suitable for your health and fitness: 
- Kim Giao Forest Route - Ngu Lam Peak - Trung Trang Cave
- Environmental Education Route - Trung Trang Cave
- Ao Frog Route - Viet Hai
- Route Garden Center � Frog Pond

 Cat Ba National ParkCameras and phones are indispensable accessories when visiting Cat Ba National Park. Photo: dulichbui24

Ticket price for each route is 40,000 VND/person. Children and students are entitled to a 50% discount on the ticket price. If you want to hire a guide, the rental price will be different for each route. Tour guide for Kim Giao forest route is 100,000 VND, Ngu Lam Peak is 150,000 VND, Trung Trang cave is 70,000 VND, Environmental Education route is 100,000 VND, Frog Pond - Viet Hai route is 400,000 VND, Frog Pond is 300,000 VND. 

When visiting the national park, you do not need to worry about food problems. There is a full service of drinking water, buffet with specialty dishes. In the national park, there are also camping services and accommodation. You can contact the management board of Cat Ba National Park in advance through the information on the website 

 Cat Ba National ParkThis summer, spend time exploring Cat Ba National Park. Photo: terradotta

Summer is the ideal time to travel to Cat Ba . And on this beautiful island, you remember coming to the national park to visit, explore and enjoy the pristine beauty and fresh air of nature here. 

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