Discover the peaceful beauty of Hon Do, Ninh Thuan

If there is a place that can make you overwhelmed by the thorny, unique, unmistakable, it is Red Island. If there is a scene that makes you tremble when holding the camera, afraid that your photos cannot fully describe the beauty of the natural picture, it can only be Hon Do - a wild destination, ideal of Ninh Thuan province.

Hon Do is a fossil coral complex located in My Hiep village, Thanh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province, less than 20km from the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham city. From Phan Rang city, follow Provincial Road 702 along the way to Vinh Hy Bay, you will come to My Hiep village on the right. Here, you ask the people in the village, they will show you the way to Hon Do. 

The village is small and has only one road, so you only need to ask for directions once and then just drive zigzag along the path to get there. From the village to Hon Do about less than 2km. The first half is a car ride on the sand, through a small, quiet and poetic lake. The road is narrow, the sand is thick, driving is a bit difficult and when people have just adapted, the sand trail ends and begins to a cool poplar forest.


Hon-do-1Quiet lake on the trail to Hon Do

Poplar tree, also known as casuarina tree, is a close and useful tree to coastal people because poplar forest does not bring financial efficiency, but without poplar forest, coastal people will have to subjected to the harshness of the wind and sand in the Central region. Tourists are playing in the scorching sun and the dry wind of the harsh land, hot all year round, suddenly find this place so friendly and peaceful by the sound of the wind shaking the ocean.

Going through the green poplar forest

Coming out of the poplar forest, visitors gradually enter the ancient coral reef. After a few rains, the wild and primitive coral hill was put on a fresh flower shirt. Tiny yellow and white flowers bloom from the gray and sharp coral background, surprising visitors with the enduring vitality and strong will of wild grass and wildflowers.


Wild flowers bloom innocently on the sharp coral hill

At this time, guests can stand watching a pristine, fresh but overwhelmingly beautiful sea, thinking it is a fairyland. For a moment, visitors wonder how to take photos to capture the gentleness and timidity of the small, fragile flower, but the vitality is very resilient and intense; How to take photos to capture the vastness of the sea and sky, to show the true blue color of the ocean or to capture the attraction of each wave. Outside, the waves hit the rocky shore creating white columns of water, then bloom like flowers and when the waves recede back to the sea, the waves spill over the rocky shore, making the water flow like a gentle and poetic stream. 


Amazing natural picture

Nature divides the sea at Hon Do into three distinct levels. The bottom step is the vast sea. The next step is a flat stone platform. Depending on the time of high or low tide, the sea level can be more or less away from the rock shelf. The stone platform is wide enough for guests to walk around and watch the blue sky and sea, and from time to time, welcome a wave of waves hitting people. 

Also when walking on the stone steps, visitors will see a rock area hit by waves creating beautiful water holes. The water hole is like an enchanting aquarium with a world of moss, colorful corals and marine species such as fish, shrimp, crabs, and snails gliding and swimming.


Natural waterholes contain many species of marine life

The top step, rising from the stone shelf, is a giant ancient coral forest, with high jagged and pointed coral columns creating an attractive wild scene that only Red Island has. You can try to climb coral reefs to have a true "thorny" trip, to have a new and unforgettable experience that no matter where you go, you can still hear Hon Do nostalgic, lovingly calling back.

Climbing on fossil coral, a whole new experience

Notes for the trip

From My Hiep village to Hon Do, you can't go by car, you can only ride a motorbike or walk. Motorcycles can be left in the poplar forest, but if you want peace of mind and comfort when exploring, you can park them at people's houses or nearby border posts.

Because the stone at the top is very sharp and sharp, so be careful, it's best to wear shoes. 

There is now a service for renting canoes and boats to Hon Do, if you just want to go out to see the sea and look for unique photos, you can use the service for less effort.

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