Son Hai fishing village - destination for hungry feet

Possessing a beautiful scenery like "miniature Dubai in Vietnam", Son Hai fishing village is an ideal destination in Ninh Thuan land on the tourist map that you know?

Located at the end of the sunny and windy Central region, Ninh Thuan is naturally gifted with a beautiful pristine landscape. Outstanding on the beauty that is the sea, sand, sunshine and wind and a fishing village with the beauty of traditional houses, gentle people and gifts from the sea.

Son Hai fishing villageSon Hai fishing village � located in the far distance of Ninh Thuan province

Located in Son Hai 2 village in Phuoc Dinh commune, Thuan Nam district, the name Son Hai is taken from the charming mountain beauty of this place by one side bordering the mountain on the other side is the blue sea.

Son Hai fishing villageThe entrance to the fishing village

If the climate here is harsh, in return, the scenery and people of Son Hai are so beautiful and warm. Do not criticize the difficulty of Son Hai because on the contrary, the challenge is a sweet fruit, and how sweet it is, try to taste it according to your own feelings. 

Maybe you are a traveler, love to explore or even need a break in a peaceful place. This coastal fishing village has all the fun and surprises that will bring you a sense of peace, an experience of a lifetime.

Son Hai fishing villageThe discovery of Son Hai fishing village of travel enthusiasts

About 30km from the center of Phan Rang city, the journey to Son Hai fishing village tourism is extremely interesting for backpackers. The successive roads open up new horizons such as Cham Van Lam village, the top of Dai Bang mountain and then the long sand dunes...

With just over 700 households with less than 3,000 people, people in Son Hai fishing village mostly make a living from near-shore fishing activities and seaweed farming. The sea is their nurturing mother and the harmonious lifestyle with the sea is the special thing that still keeps Son Hai a peaceful feature.

Son Hai fishing villageThe village is home to less than 3000 people

As the land of the sea, if you want to experience the most beautiful season of the year in Son Hai, you should come between July and August, this is a time when the climate is relatively stable and pleasant. Personal belongings should not be lacking in clothes suitable for sea sports activities, cool and less sunscreen if you do not want to burn your skin with the fishing experience in the middle of the sea.

Son Hai fishing villagePeaceful beauty

In Son Hai, seaweed sources are quite abundant because of the relatively large planting density and stable income. If you like seaweed in your dishes, don't forget to taste the seaweed here prepared by the locals. On the contrary, the abundant seafood resources are spoiled for you to gloat with fresh and freshly caught delicacies from local fishermen.

If the night comes for a gloating stomach, the sunset or dawn every morning gives the soul and eyes a wash before the poetic scenery in this country. Son Hai's life is not as busy as the city, wading the market early to hunt for seafood, listening to the sounds of the sea village calling each other after so much love. If you are lucky enough to follow a fishing trip in the middle of the sea with good fishermen, experience the coastal life, you will understand and love more than the people here. A day of living like a fisherman, working and enjoying the fruits, what could be better than an experience?

Son Hai fishing villageThe boats are gradually coming ashore after days of fishing

In a charming mountain place, wandering footsteps like being lost in a fairyland makes you like a dream. The long stretch of sand makes friends with the waves, the footsteps imprinted on the soft sand are too romantic. Next to the rocky outcrops close to the sea, the clear blue water keeps patting, making you excited to jump in and swim right away. In the distance, white clouds printed on the blue sky like an interesting piece of cotton candy. These things make it an ideal destination in Phan Thiet that no one can ignore.

Son Hai fishing villageYou can come here to get lost in the immense sand paradise

Attractive Son Hai is also an extremely ideal place for those who like to eat when they are full, so with countless attractive dishes that people prepare. For example, there is only one species of scallop that countless dishes are created such as: steamed scallops, grilled scallops, fried scallops... but just hearing, seeing and inhaling the aroma is hard to resist.

Son Hai fishing village� or organizing camping trips right next to the village is also very interesting

Son Hai becomes interesting because in no small part is thanks to the rich and diverse ecosystem. Coming here, you will be able to see with your own eyes and touch the plants and animals that can only be heard and known through the small screen. The color also contributes to an interesting part with the green color of the grass bushes wearing on the yellow stone background under the harsh sun. Under the clear water, you can see with your own eyes the Jellyfish, sea urchin... swimming. Just hearing about it makes you want to go to this place!

There are many more fascinating things that only you can see with your eyes, touch with your hands and feel really great. Son Hai tourism is like a magnet that will attract those who love to explore. Does the sun of summer make you want to come and enjoy yourself in the middle of the sea, the hustle and bustle of life can make you crave a little peace of mind in a peaceful coastal fishing village. How long is the youth to be indifferent, pick up your backpack and go to Son Hai this summer, friends.

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