Although Chu Dang Ya is 'on top', Kon Ka Kinh National Park is also beautiful and 'doesn't fit'

Kon Ka Kinh National Park is known as the "roof of Gia Lai province", is a beautiful nature reserve with pristine scenery, bringing many interesting and interesting discovery experiences for visitors. 

Where is Kon Ka Kinh National Park?

Today, Gia Lai tourism is growing strongly with many attractive tourist attractions. Coming here, tourists can visit Pleiku Lake, Phu Cuong waterfall, Chu Dang Ya volcano, nine-tier waterfall or Minh Thanh pagoda. These are all famous destinations, which have appeared in many check-in photos of tourists near and far. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkKon Ka Kinh National Park is a popular destination in Gia Lai. Photo: huy_trq

So in addition to the coordinates mentioned above, is there any other unique and attractive destination in Gia Lai? Definitely still. And that place is Kon Ka Kinh National Park located on the Kon Tum plateau, in the area of ??3 districts of Kbang, Mang Yang and Dak Doa of Gia Lai province. From Pleiku city to here about 50 km to the northeast.

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkThis national park is 50 km from Pleiku city. Photo: __phatnguyen__

Although not a famous tourist destination of the Central Highlands, Kon Ka Kinh is gradually being known by many tourists. The name Kon Ka Kinh is named after the highest peak, 1,748 meters above sea level. For Gia Lai people, this mountain peak is the highest peak, dubbed the "roof of Gia Lai province", a place for young people to trek, admire the majestic mountains of Gia Lai from above. 

What's attractive about Kon Ka Kinh?

Kon Ka Kinh National Park , Gia Lai province is a biodiversity conservation area of ??Vietnam. In the future, this place will develop into an attractive eco-tourism destination. With a total area of ??tens of thousands of hectares, Kon Ka Kinh is a place to preserve alpine subtropical forests with gymnosperms. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkAbout Gia Lai, you remember to visit Kon Ka Kinh National Park. Photo:nghiahuule

Today there are about 33,565 hectares of natural forest and account for 80% of the total area of ??the national park. The large forest area creates a typical mountainous habitat, enabling about 2,000 hectares of mixed broadleaf and coniferous forests to develop, containing mainly pomelo species.

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkThis place is the biodiversity conservation area of ??Gia Lai province. Photo:lendang 

According to experts, Kon Ka Kinh National Park is the only place in Vietnam that owns this special type of mixed forest. Having the opportunity to come here trekking to explore the forest, you will easily come across entangled vines, entangled everywhere. The system of forest trees and vines combine together, creating an interesting, magical and mysterious picture. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkA hundred-year-old tree in Kon Ka Kinh National Park. Photo: xigo

The deeper into the forest, visitors also have the opportunity to encounter huge old trees, with a lifespan of up to hundreds of years. Each tree is several tens of meters high, radiating a cool green shade in a corner of the sky. In addition, the lush green vegetation and the clusters of wildflowers that change color and shape according to the height and light density, etc. are also attractive points in Kon Ka Kinh.

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkVisiting Kon Ka Kinh National Park, you have the opportunity to admire precious animals. Photo: naturebydanielrosengren

According to the experience of exploring Gia Lai of the backpackers, when trekking Kon Ka Kinh, visitors can also encounter wild animals such as brooding cats, clouded leopards, etc. In addition, it is the good ecosystem and food source. In abundance, this place is also the habitat of many wild animals such as tigers, fire leopards, etc. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkThe vegetation in Kon Ka Kinh National Park is very diverse. Photo:hnil.59

The most attractive thing to visitors of Kon Ka Kinh National Park is the system of beautiful natural waterfalls and rapids. Having the opportunity to explore this national park, you will admire Dak Pooc waterfall, Knia stream, ...

In addition, waterfall 95 is the most famous and beautiful waterfall here. The waterfall falls from a height of about 40 meters, looking from afar it looks like a white silk strip between the green mountains and forests. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkBeautiful scenery on the top of Kon Ka Kinh mountain. Photo: viverricula

Having discovered and conquered Kon Ka Kinh, you must climb to the top of Kon Ka Kinh to feel the majestic beauty of Truong Son mountains. Standing on the top of the mountain and looking out into the distance, you will fully capture the beauty of the mist, listen to the echo of forest birds, the whisper of the wind.

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkNear Kon Ka Kinh National Park, there is also a beautiful Yaly hydroelectric power station. Photo: hiiamhongnguyen

In addition to the diversity of flora and fauna systems, Kon Ka Kinh Gia Lai National Park also protects the watersheds of two main rivers, the Dak Pne and the Ba rivers. These two rivers are responsible for providing irrigation water for coffee hills, pepper hills and agricultural land, the source of domestic water for residents in the region. 

Experience exploring Kon Ka Kinh National Park 

Kon Ka Kinh is becoming a destination in Gia Lai attracting tourists from near and far by its wild and majestic beauty and many interesting experiences. With such an extremely large forest area, it is difficult for you to explore it all in a short trip. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkHere, visitors will encounter many wild animals. Photo: vietnam

Therefore, according to many people's experience, you just need to trek Kon Ka Kinh mountain, visit beautiful waterfalls and experience some well-planned tourism services. To admire the diverse vegetation that nature has bestowed on this national park in the Central Highlands , you just need to choose the activities that are most suitable for you. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkGia Lai's nature is really beautiful and peaceful. Photo: by_pdimlucy

Coming to Kon Ka Kinh National Park , you can participate in trekking to an altitude of over 700 meters to enjoy the beauty of primeval forests. This is the place where a variety of plant species are concentrated. In particular, the highlight is the giant old trees and the cool atmosphere, the charming and poetic scenery. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkInternational visitors are excited to explore Kon Ka Kinh National Park. Photo:silentbob911

If you are a young person who loves trekking, conquering the top of Kon Ka Kinh higher than 1,700 meters is a must try once. The top of the mountain with majestic scenery and large waterfalls and beautiful flats like a fairy scene, suitable for virtual living and overnight camping. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkBeautiful waterfalls in Kon Ka Kinh National Park. Photo:Pinterest

In particular, when visiting this national park, visitors also have the opportunity to visit, observe and study wildlife. Animals such as gray-shanked douc langur, flying squirrel, gills, gibbons, deer, pigs, forest, monkeys, etc. are very beautiful for you to admire and take pictures of. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkKon Ka Kinh National Park is really a beautiful destination in Gia Lai. Photo:_thanhtoo_

Besides, with the fresh and green natural space, this place is also suitable for the resort ecotourism model. This is the ideal place for you and your loved ones to rest, relax and find balance in life.

In addition, if you like festivals and learn more about cultural beauties, visit the village of ethnic minorities nearby to understand more about their lives. 

Kon Ka Kinh National ParkThis spring, let's go with friends to Kon Ka Kinh National Park once. Photo: vande.brianph_

Along with Da Lat, Dak Lak, Gia Lai has been developing strongly in tourism with many attractive destinations. Next time you have the opportunity to go to Gia Lai, try a trip to Kon Ka Kinh National Park, explore the wild nature here and experience many interesting activities here. 

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