Discover 3 ancient rock fields in Gia Lai with the beauty of 'one nine one ten' like Ghenh Da Dia

3 ancient stone beaches in Gia Lai are becoming hot check-in points loved by local young people thanks to their unique beauty, shaped like Ghenh Da Dia. 

Discover 3 beautiful ancient rock beaches in Gia Lai

Ancient stone beach in Van village

Gia Lai mountain town with many unique destinations attracts tourists from near and far to visit often. Recently, this land has appeared ancient rock fields with special shapes. One of them is a stone beach located in Van village, Yaly town, Chu Pah district.


Ancient stone beach in Gia LaiLang Van ancient stone beach is a very popular destination in Gia Lai. Photo: Nguyen Thi Bich Van 

On the section to Van village from Yaly town, about 1km long, there is an exposed rocky beach. The stone beach is formed from hundreds of hexagonal stone columns, the stone columns are arranged close together, looking like a giant honeycomb. All solid and solid rock blocks stick together, reminiscent of the beautiful Da Dia Ghenh in Phu Yen. 

Ancient stone beach in Gia LaiThe hexagonal stone blocks are very unique next to each other. Photo: Gia Lai Newspaper 

Currently, this ancient stone beach in Gia Lai is known and visited by many tourists. According to information provided by geologists, this ancient rock is more than 100 million years old. The total area of ??the rocky beach is about 2 hectares wide, drawing a unique and majestic scene in the middle of Gia Lai mountains and forests. 

Ancient stone beach in Gia LaiThis rock is up to 100 million years old. Photo:Labour 

In the middle of this hexagonal rock beach is a fresh, cool stream flowing, which adorns the picture more perfectly. The white water, foaming among the gray rocks, evokes a characteristic wild and pristine beauty that is rarely found anywhere else. Traveling to Gia Lai , you should spend time exploring this place. 

Don Hyang ancient stone beach

Don Hyang ancient stone beach is also a new destination in Gia Lai that is being "hunted" by young people. This coordinate is about 45 km from the center of Pleiku city Visitors can move to the East, go to H'Chan hydropower plant, De Ar commune, Mang Yang district. 

This ancient stone beach also has a hexagonal shape. The stone pillars are arranged side by side in a regular manner, standing perpendicular to the ground. Some stone blocks lying parallel or inclined are quite impressive and eye-catching. 

It is also a famous ancient stone beach in Gia Lai , but Don Hyang rock has many differences compared to Lang Van rock. Under the strong impact of the Ayun River, this rock was eroded, creating more fancy shapes. 

Ancient stone beach in Gia LaiThe ancient stone beach in Don Hyang also has a majestic beauty. Photo: Nguyen Thi Bich Van 

Visiting this rocky beach, you will admire hundreds of basalt stones with the age of up to millions of years are "arranged in battle" in front of your eyes. Time and geological fluctuations, especially river water, have created a rocky beach with strange and unique beauty. 

The stone bars with great hardness over time have been eroded by the flow, forming large rocks. The current is so strong that it "cuts" the ancient rock blocks into concave areas or penetrates. Therefore, when exploring this ancient stone beach, you will discover many caves and caves of all sizes and strange shapes.

In recent years, this rock beach has been known by many people. Although the road to the rocky beach is relatively difficult, many tourists still visit. Most are teachers, students and young people in the area. If you don't have fun in Gia Lai , you can ask the H'Chan hydropower plant worker for directions. 

Kong Yang ancient stone beach

Finally, the ancient stone beach in Gia Lai in Kong Yang commune is also the coordinates that many young people have checked in recently. This rock beach is located about 50 km from An Khe town. It is known that this rock beach is associated with many sacred sites and is the great pride of local people. 

According to the language of the Ba Na ethnic group, Kong Yang means mountain of heaven and sacred mountain. Therefore, the people of Ba Na believe that the ancient rock fields appearing in the locality are the places where the mountain god resides. That is Yang's house.

Still a basalt with a hexagonal pillar hidden deep under the ground, this rock exists with a wild and solid imprint. Each stone pillar is like a large stake and is from 1.5 to 3 meters long, lying close to each other. 

Ancient stone beach in Gia LaiThe ancient stone beaches in Gia Lai have impressive beauty. Photo: Nguyen Thi Bich Van

The interesting thing about this rocky beach is that although the rocks are close together, there are still forest trees around. The tough and steady beauty of the rocky beach combined with the green forest creates an impressive scene that not everywhere in Gia Lai can be. 

Gia Lai used to cause memories with the yellow cassava flower season, with immense tea hills and poetic lakes. Now, Gia Lai also has ancient rock fields with unique geological structures. If you have the opportunity to return to Gia Lai, take the time to explore Lang Van, Don Hyang and Kong Yang rocks. 

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